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AdStation™ 5610X Modular Diagnostix Wall System

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Overview for ADC 5610X AdStation™ Modular Diagnostix Wall System

The ADC AdStation™ Modular Diagnostix Wall System is an industry-leading EENT instrument that is an essential part of any diagnostician's toolkit.

Budget-friendly and Dependable. The ADC 3.5V Diagnostix Series is designed to for affordability and is a reliable equipment that guarantees to serve a diagnostician's practice for years. Because of this, the Wall System allows for a comprehensive physical examination while maximizing work space and capitalizing on time.

Complete Customizability. The Wall Systems are available in various pre-devised configurations that are designed to cater the varying needs of different practices. These combinations can include different diagnostic tools such as an Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope, Throat Illuminator, Specula Dispenser and Aneroid Sphygmomanometer. This system allows you to start from the most basic tools and a transformer, and gradually adds up to three or more over time to meet specific needs as it changes.

Available Options

The ADC AdStation™ Modular Diagnostix Wall System comes with a wall transformer and various options:


With a choice of either a Standard or Panoramic Magnified View (PMV) Otoscope, the ADC's 3.5V offers excellent viewing capabilities and is a superior diagnostic tool. Both choices have Fiber-Optic Light Transmission for an unobstructed view. The Standard Otoscope is made with an optical glass that reduces reflection and provides 3x magnification while the PMV Otoscope has a reflection-optimized, high-performance glass optics that features twice the field of view and 66% greater magnification (11 mm field of view and 5x Magnification).


The Ophthalmoscope has an option of either Coax and Coax Plus which are both designed ergonomically for high-quality and detailed examination of the eye. Designed with an integrated thumb rest and synthetic rubber brow rest, the Opthalmscopes include dust-free handles and anti-theft locks.

The Coax Ophthalmoscope features high-performance aspherical condenser lens and parallels observational & illuminating light beams that significantly reduces corneal reflection. With it's magnified and illuminated aperture viewing window, the Ophthalmoscope is made with 24 different aperture/filter combinations from the 29 viewing lenses, six apertures, and three filters. Featuring a secondary focus wheel for the correction of ametropias, the Coax Plus Ophthalmoscope has an 89 single-step viewing lens, encompassing full vision range from -44 to +45 diopters. It also has an added Karo grid aperture for easy transfer of observations to graph paper and a total of 28 different aperture/filter combinations.

Throat Illuminator

The Diagnostix 3.5v throat illuminator utilizes PMMA light transmission for an unobstructed view of the oral cavity and throat (PMMA technology is similar to that used in fiber optics). It features a tongue blade holder, providing uninterrupted visuals and facilitating clearer examination of the throat. It also includes an eject button, for convenient and hygienic disposable of used tongue blades. This throat illuminator is available with a choice of standard halogen/xenon lighting, or advanced LED lamps.

Clock Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

The Wall Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is the instrument of choice in an examination and patient rooms across the country. It has been calibrated especially for maximum efficiency and high accuracy, offering a high-quality, heavy-duty aneroid without the risks posed by traditional mercury sphygmomanometers. The device features the Adcuff inflation system; this includes a patented adcuff nylon cuff and bulb and filter system. The six-inch clock dial face is luminescent and can be accurately read from any angle, and the 300mmHh no-stop pin movement withstands heavy usage for reliable results with every reading.




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