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EdanUSA SE-1515 DP-12 PC-based ECG Machine

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The EdanUSA SE-1515 PC-Based ECG Machine (#SE.1515.DP12) includes:

  • ECG Data Sampling Box (#02-01-210039).
  • ECG Cable (4mm, banana connector, AHA) (#01-57-107048).
  • Bio ProTech Resting Tab Electrodes (100/box) (#PT-2334).
  • Unomedical 10-lead Universal Clips (10) (#334).
  • 9.5' USB Connection Cable (for SE-1010 PCECG) (#01-13-036134).
  • SE-1010 PC ECG Software CD (#02-01-210065).
  • USB Sentinel (for SE-1010 PC ECG Software).
  • Carrying Bag (#11-56-078136).
  • SE-1010 PC ECG User Manual.
  • SE-1010 PC ECG Quick Reference Card.
  • User Guide for Interpretation.
  • Software install guide (#01-18-047225).

The SE-1515 is a sophisticated all-in-one workstation that integrates comprehensive ECG solutions into one elegant PC-based platform. The versatile software, combined with the durable ECG sampling boxes, provides efficient access to diverse applications including Resting ECG, Stress Test, ECG Data Management, and ECG Network Gateway.

Besides regular examinations, the SE-1515 also performs as a data management system, connecting all the standalone ECG machines to realize a paperless workflow.

EdanUSA SE-1515 PC-Based ECG Machine Features:

  • 9/12-lead ECG configurable.
  • Convenient sampling button and signal quality indicator.
  • Multi-user Permission Configuration.
  • Reliable signal quality.
  • Lead reversal function to easily rectify wrong placement of electrodes even after ECG acquisition.
  • Event marker enables you to take notes anytime during sampling.
  • Reports comparison provides an easy method for comparing ECG traces.
  • Stress test function (Optional).
  • Support all EDAN ECGs except SE-1/100.
  • Bi-directional communication with ECGs.
  • Patient information and ECG data management.
  • ECG reports printing on A4 paper.
  • Compatible with vacuum system.
  • Color-coded lead map and the color-coded ECG waveforms facilitate instant signal quality indications.
  • Arrhythmia segments can be detected, highlighted, and saved automatically.
  • Built-in ECG glossary consists of rich diagnostic templates with detail feature descriptions and integrated diagnostic results, which helps clinicians draw conclusions effectively and efficiently.
  • Supports multi-format reports which are transferrable via email: XML/SCP/DICOM/PDF/JPG/BMP/TIF/PNG.



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