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Valleylab Force FXc Refurbished

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Includes: Monopolar and Bipolar Footswitch Instant Response™ Technology Instant Response™ technology provides surgeons with improved performance at lower power settings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation, and decreasing the need to "turn up the generator." A Smoother...

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Includes: Monopolar and Bipolar Footswitch

Instant Response™ Technology

Instant Response™ technology provides surgeons with improved performance at lower power settings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation, and decreasing the need to "turn up the generator."

A Smoother Cut Through All Tissue Types

The Force FX™ generator adjusts automatically, responding to tissue changes, maintaining power delivery, and minimizing drag.

Added Safety and Reliability Minimizes Electrosurgical Risks

Capacitive coupling is reduced by 30-50% when using Instant Response™ technology. This reduction is achieved by limiting the RMS voltage and the high frequency harmonics. Lower voltage means less neuromuscular stimulation and more precise delivery of energy to reduce collateral damage.

What is Instant Response™ Technology?

Instant Response™ technology features an advanced feedback system that recognizes changes in tissue 200 times per second, and adjusts voltage and current accordingly to maintain appropriate power. This unique capability differentiates Instant Response™ generators from any other, as shown by their high power efficiency rating (PER). That's smart™ generator technology.

PER indicates the ability of a generator to accurately deliver the selected power into a wide range of tissue types. With a PER of 98, the Force FX™ generator provides a consistent surgical effect and has a higher PER than any other electrosurgical generator.

Instant Response™ Technology provides consistent power through different tissue types.

The Force FX™ generator provides surgeons with the advantage of accurately delivering the selected power setting, even through resistant tissue.

When a conventional generator encounters tissue changes, both power delivery and cutting efficiency are reduced. This means that higher power settings are required in order to cut through all types of tissue. With higher power settings, more energy is delivered, and tissue damage increases.


  • Instant Response™ technology ensures that the power delivered remains virtually constant, regardless of the tissue type
  • Improved performance at lower power settings minimizes the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation
  • Three internal microcontrollers reduce system reaction time and increase the system's processing speed
  • Spray coagulation voltage of no more than 9000 volts peak-to-peak output for broad, but superficial coagulation with limited capacitive coupling
  • A Power Efficiency Rating (PER) of approximately 98 for accurate and consistent cut performance
  • Three cut modes, all controlled by Instant Response™ technology, offer surgeons a variety of choices:
    • Low Cut for delicate tissue or laparoscopic cases
    • Pure Cut for a clean, precise cut
    • Blend for cutting with hemostasis
  • Four coag modes:
    • Desiccate for low voltage contact coagulation suitable in laparoscopic and delicate tissue work
    • Fulgurate (high crest factor) for efficient noncontact coagulation in most applications
    • Fulgurate (low crest factor) for lower voltage coagulation requirements
    • Spray for coagulating large tissue areas with superficial depth of necrosis
  • Three bipolar modes:
    • Precise, Standard, and Macrobipolar are controlled by the Instant Response™ system
    • Precise and Standard setting utilize low voltage to prevent sparking
  • Versatile system that is uniquely compatible with other devices, including:
    • Force Argon™ II and Force GSU™ argon coagulation system
    • CUSA EXcel™ and CUSA™ 200 ultrasonic surgical aspirators
    • OptiMumm™ smoke evacuator, through a direct cable link
    • Valleylab VLCM bipolar current monitor
  • Compatible with and used as the electrosurgical energy source for:
    • Dyonics* Control RF arthroscopic ablation system
    • Dyonics* Electroblade™ rotary resection system
    • Cook Vascular Perfecta™ EDS pacemaker lead extraction system
  • Compatible with, and the exclusive electrosurgical generator for, the Computer Motion Hermes™ Voice Command System

* Trademark of Smith & Nephew

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Valleylab Force FXc Refurbished