We are valued throughout the world as an integral and reliable partner to physicians and specialty medical personnel, and we are distinguished by our expert advice as well as our progressive approach in the market. The driving force in everything we do is the continuous development of medical instruments and equipment that form an integral part of medical procedures in many countries. We will continue to play our part in the years ahead in ensuring that patients receive the best possible technological solutions for medical treatment. As a leading manufacturer, we consider it our duty to maintain ongoing improvements to medical procedures through product innovations, comprehensive services and training programs.
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Erbe VIO 300 D Electrosurgical System- Refurbished - Alternative Source Medical

Erbe VIO 300 D Electrosurgical System- Refurbished

Cart not included! With the VIO 300 D electrosurgical system, Erbe has set innovative standards aimed at providing optimal endoscopic patient outcomes. Advanced spark recognition technology and automatic dosing of...
Erbe ICC 200 Electrosurgical Unit - Refurbished - Alternative Source Medical
$2,000 to $4,000All

Erbe ICC 200 Electrosurgical Unit - Refurbished

Erbe's Erbotom ICC 200 is an electrosurgical unit for all those who need no more than 200 watts of output. It features a comprehensive range of coagulation modes. Cut control allows for...